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Silent system - MOTUS

Silent system - MOTUS

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MOTUS 5 Bluetooth USB silencer with latest generation contactless optical sensors !

The latest MOTUS optical silencer is a real technological advancement in this field; the discreet mini box option works with Bluetooth, allowing to hide most of the electronics inside the piano and preserve the looks of the instrument. Easy access to multiple functions from a smartphone, choice of 128 instruments, volume and reverb adjustment slider, recording, metronome, etc...
MOTUS also embodies a great progress in terms of realism and audio quality: it features an embedded 8 GB sound bank, unheard of on a silent system. The 8 GB of flash memory can easily be updated with a USB memory stick, after downloading the latest version of the software. MOTUS is equipped with a high-end
DAC AKM delivering exceptional depth of sound, particularly in the bass register.

MOTUS can be retrofitted to most pianos. Made in France.
Install and test the application with the MOTUS BLE app for iPhone or Android.



 Standard control box under the keyboard

In the standard version, the box is fixed under the keyboard like on regular silent systems, the user has direct access to all the MOTUS functions via this control box. The display is done on an OLED screen on a black background with high contrast allowing easy reading. In this configuration, one can also control MOTUS with a smartphone.

Mini box

This option allows you to put a minimalist control box under the keyboard with 2 headphone outputs, USB and a power button; the main control box is located inside the piano while connected to the mini box, controlled with a smartphone. This configuration is reversible as the standard control box can be placed under the keyboard if desired.

Latest generation 100% optical reflection technology!

The ultra-flat 3.5mm reflective optical sensors are a breathe for silent system installers, easy and quick to install, it allows installation on all types of pianos.

The 100% contactless optical sensors are the best technology available to date: with no levers or springs, the reflection sensors analyze key motion with great precision for better, more sensitive dynamics, without any physical contact to the key!

Proxi.jpg (64984 octets)

The MOTUS performance does not have an equivalent on the market in terms of acoustic realism and variety of pianos and harpsichord available, with, among other features, integrated sympathetic string resonances, as well as the overall damper pedal resonance. Finally, the MOTUS silencer is the only one in the world to allow you to update the sound banks with a USB memory stick (see for more information). This allows the end user to painlessly take advantage of the latest updates and new instruments.

The first two sampled pianos are modern Steinway Ds. One is brighter, the other rounder.

The next instrument is based on a remarkable sampling done by an American Steinway piano studio, with Glenn Gould at the keyboard. The sample rights are currently held by the National Arts Center in Ottawa.


For lovers of historical sounds, we sampled a concert Pleyel from the time of Chopin!

The MOTUS silencer also features a unique function on the market, which will transform any piano into a high-end virtual organ thanks to the magnificent sampling carried out on a church organ made in Germany in the late 90s. Use the registration sheet and activate the 26 registers at your leisure, choosing any combinations of couplings as on an authentic organ:

1-Prestant 8'

2-Prestant 16'

3-Flûte douce 8'

4-Quinte 8'

5-Trompette 8'

6-Trompette 16'

7-Bourdon 16'

8-Cor de nuit 8'

9-Geigenprincipal 4'

10-Flûte traversière 4'

11-Hautbois 8'

12-Trompette harmonique 8'

13-Clairon 4'

14-Chamades 8'

15-Basson 16'

16-Cor anglais 8 '

17-Cromorne 8'

18-Voix humaine 8'

19-Quintaton 16'

20-Clarinette 8'

21-Viole de gambe 8'

22-Flûte fuseau 4'

23-Cornet doux 8'

24-Mixture 8'

25-Tierce 8'

26-Plein jeu

Our sampled harpsichord is a real baroque instrument, Nicolas Blanchet 1723, 5 octaves just like the original. The pianist operates the registers with the first 3 white keys of the piano according to the registration sheet: 8' lower keyboard, 8' upper keyboard with a softer sound and finally 4' octave playing. One can couple these 3 registers independently like on a real harpsichord.

The NUMACOUSTIC option is fantastic and turns the piano soundboard into a transducer. The main advantage of this system is to allow volume control to a lower threshold than the acoustic instrument, it therefore rules out systematic use of headphones when absolute silence is not essential. It also considerably the soundboard to transmitting sounds other than the piano, with breathtaking realism.

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bloqueur.jpg (23597 octets)

The touch of your piano is perfectly preserved

To make effectively silence the piano, it is necessary to stop the hammer 4 mm before it strikes the strings, this is achieved with a perfectly rigid stop rail, as showed in the picture. The stop rail returns the hammer with an elasticity quite similar to a string. Our optical sensors have no impact on the touch of the instrument.


9V DC 800 mA standard. 220V adapter supplied.
AUDIO OUT: 3.5mm mini jack.
HEADPHONE OUT: 2 mini jack 3.5mm.
USB HOST: Connector for USB drive for recording and updating.
USB DEVICE: To connect directly to a computer via standard USB MIDI protocol.
METRONOME: Integrated, sampled traditional metronome.
PEDALS: Connector 1x9 to 3 pedals (Strong, Soft).
RECORDER: 128000 notes, export to USB drive in standard MIDI file format.
128 INSTRUMENTS: Standard GM

Installation manual  format PDF.

Old Android Bluetooth App for Motus 3 Download Installer APK file. If you use Chrome on your phone, the installation is very simple, after downloading, Chrome offers you to automatically go to Settings and validate the Unknown sources authorization, then return to the previous screen of the installation window to launch it. In some cases, you will have to go to the Chrome download folder and start installing the APK file.

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