About Australia Piano Supply

About Australia Piano Supply

We aim at offering an evolving online catalog that brings together traditional and innovative tools, quality supplies, and accessories for professional piano technicians in Australasia and beyond. We demonstrate our commitment to excellence through our proprietary brand of tools and supplies, starting with our first flagship product La Guillotine.

Some of our products can be found in Danemark at Knud Danielsen's, in Germany at Jahn's, in Belgium at Taffijn's, and in the USA/Canada at Erwin's Piano Forte Supply's. Don't hesitate to reach out anytime.

At Australia Piano Supply, we are dedicated to delivering quality tools and materials, prompt communication and service, and cutting-edge solutions to our valued customers. If you have interest in a product not displayed on this website or a tool/material that you would like custom made, please contact us.

Thanks for your patience as we grow, subscribe to our newsletter to follow our development.

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