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Scanavini reshape jig

Scanavini reshape jig


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Ergonomic, durable, customisable,
Default workable width: 10.75mm (shims can be used to make it a bit wider)

The starter kit comprises 1 blue, 1 green, 1 yellow and 1 red bodies. 4 white and 4 black sides, a set of screws, a roll of tape and 2 sets of 4 pre-cut strips (4 shorts and 4 longs) of abrasive film as used in our microfinishing film kit and on our paddles.

Assembly instructions
1 - always degrease the body of a jig and the back of the abrasive strip before assembling (isopropyl alcohol recommended)
2 - start sticking the tape past the first shoulder of the body and line it up to the center while stretching it on
* make sure not to over or under stretch the tape so it adheres to the surface smoothly
* use a sharp blade to cut the tape past the second shoulder
* massage the tape well onto the plastic to ensure good bond
3 - apply a strip of (degreased) abrasive to the double sided tape, massage it on to ensure maximum bond
4 - line the sides with the screw holes and lock the screws in

* to change the abrasive strip, dismantle the screws and sides, tear off the old tape and start again from step 1. ALWAYS use a degreasing agent before applying the adhesive.
* use your own abrasive if you prefer.

Using the tool
Used with the correct technique, the jig can give round or pointy hammers. Our best advice: imagine working with a strip of sand paper and building the surface up for both sides, from the bottom up.
Another way is to use the jig without abrasive mounted on and to pull a long strip of abrasive through the jig that remains in the same position through the motion.
A demonstration video will be published later in the year, keep an eye out or subscribe to our newsletter to be notified.

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