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Piano tilter

Piano tilter

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At last, a grand piano tilter easy enough for one person to use!

If you’re a piano technician, dealer or mover, this tool is a must.

Watch a video demonstration of the Piano Tilter in action!

When used in conjunction with the “dead weight” piano lift, it will be possible for one person to tear down a grand piano and place it onto a dolly!

Set-up or tear down any size grand piano single-handedly by attaching the tilter to the existing lyre attachment points – single or two point style.

The Moondog Grand Piano Tilter utilizes the Asian two-point lyre attachment system, plus the traditional single-point Steinway system (which utilizes the traditional interlocking plate style, the new boss-style of post-2007 New York Steinway and the European boss-style used by Steinway and other European manufactures). The Moondog Grand Piano Tilter connects firmly to the keybed, enabling the user to easily tilt the piano from or onto the skidboard without fear of “tilter dislodge”.

In addition to the ease of use and firm attachment to the grand piano, the Moondog Grand Piano Tilter enables the user to attach or remove the bass leg without the assistance of a second person.

Two-point attachment system. Includes:

  • Main tilter plate
  • Hardware tote bag
  • 14 color coded thumbscrews with clamping bolts in 7 different thread sizes (1/2”, 3/8”,14mm, 12mm, 10mm, 8mm and 1/2″ X 12 British Whitworth threads – for Samick products).

The Combined system. Includes:

  • All two-point attachment system parts, listed above
  • Interlocking keys and housing block for traditional Steinway
  • Female housing blocks for securing the boss-style of attachment used with post-2007 Steinway, Hamburg and some other European piano manufacturers.


  • Weight – 7Kg.
  • Constructed of 6061 aluminum
  • Less than 61cm sq. by 15cm deep – can easily be carried into the home and is friendly to delicate floors.
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  • Weight: 7.1 kg
  • Size: