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adsilent 2

adsilent 2

AD Silent

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The Silent-System retrofit kit for upright and grand pianos
Developed by Andreas Dütz (25 years of experience in developing silent systems for pianos) and a team of experts in Japan and Europe, adsilent is the best system you can get on the market for retrofitting silent systems for upright and grand pianos.

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Some of the best features

  • Retrofit upright and grand pianos
  • adsilent is optionally available for acoustic grand pianos with the LES system: an attachment that increases let off to compensate the touch when the system is being used
  • 88 key sensors 100% contactless, can be shortened for 85 key pianos
  • 3 Pedal sensors as standard (sustain: proportional or on/off, soft & sostenuto: on/off) 100% contactless
  • max. 247 Note polyphony
  • 4GByte Sound memory
  • Piano sounds with 9+ sample layers and 128 dynamic levels
  • 16 Preset User Sounds (Memory spaces for preferred combinations of sound and settings)*

  • A total of 128 sounds, including 11 x piano, 4 x e-piano, 1 x harpsichord, 1 x church organ, 8 other organ sounds
  • Sound controls: Split*, fixed velocity*, tone, reverb, effect (chorus, rotary), delay, 4 band equalizer*, transpose

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Product Specifications



  • Weight: 4.4 kg
  • Size: 146 cm 10.5 cm 26 cm