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How to earn $200k a year piano tuning

How to earn $200k a year piano tuning

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Mr. Bradshaw has been in the piano business all of his life. As a third-generation piano craftsman and technician, he began his apprenticeship at age 15 with his father who was a piano rebuilder, technician and Baldwin dealer for 54 years. Nine years of apprenticeship later, with a full knowledge of piano re-building and retail operations, Mr. Bradshaw began his lifelong piano career.

As the youngest Baldwin piano dealer ever accepted by Baldwin at the age of 24, Mr. Bradshaw began his career. He established Bradshaw's House of Pianos, the Baldwin piano dealer in Salina, KS. Mr. Bradshaw ran the retail operations as well as tuning for the local universities and music community. Being a pilot, he also traveled to many venues in western Kansas by plane. 

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