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RH% Data Logger

RH% Data Logger

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Monitor and record Relative Humidity (%) and temperature (C) every hour, day and night, without effort!
  • Using Bluetooth, data can be viewed and shared via a smartphone with a few clicks, without opening or ducking under a piano.
  • Export data format .PDF, .CSV
  • Your customers can send data to you in an email directly from the App with a few clicks.
  • The ideal device to study relative humidity variations in any given environment.
  • The ideal device to monitor the good functioning of DamppChaser Piano Life Saver systems.

    Bluetooth (4.1)
    Temperature range: -25℃ ~ +60℃
    Accuracy: ± 0.3℃
    Relative Humidity range: 0 ~ 95%RH%
    Accuracy: ± 3%RH
    Battery: 1x CR2450
    Measuring distance: 55 meters, adjustable
    Recording capacity: 12000 samples (500 days at 1h recording interval)
    Shelf life: 12-18 months (at 1h recording interval)
    Android and iOS App support
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  • Weight: 40 g
  • Size: 80 mm 40 mm 60 mm