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SuperFelt - felt revivor

SuperFelt - felt revivor

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Our version of VS Profelt.

Mostly used on key bushings, new and old. If the key bushings are worn out, they will require changing. SuperFelt works brilliantly on new and near new bushing felts to size them. It will also absorbs a lasting layer of lubricant through the felts (type sail kote).

Directions of use:
Apply a couple of SuperFelt drops on each key bushing using the provided lid pipette. Insert the correct bushing cauls for the situation and let dry for 8h. Any other application left to the user's discretion. Common use includes trapwork felts, damper guide rails, dampers, etc. a sizing caul is always required.
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100ml, suitable for the treatment of three keyboards
In a black bottle to protect from UV light.

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Product Specifications



  • Weight: 200 g
  • Size: 40 mm 140 mm 40 mm