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To Be Announced

To Be Announced

Introducing Our Alternative to Toxic Lead

Non-toxic, non-corrosive, reusable, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, for accurate and long-lasting fixes.

There is no need to buy any special equipment to switch from lead to this new method.

Easy to work with: all round sizes and weights. Easier to work with than lead

Easy to fit. They do not need cutting or swaging, and there is no concern about lead exposure in the workshop.
APS product is your proof for consistency, accuracy and quality.

A combination of two different materials.

The extra special weights are a game changer in Dynamic Touch Weight for PTD.

Our standard weights are more economical.

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Watch this space for updates!

Full disclosure on March the 8th for the Europiano and Akustika convention taking place in Nuremberg. Come attend our presentation there!

Did You Know?

Lead is one of WHO's 10 chemicals of public health concern.

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