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VS Profelt

VS Profelt

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Our Profelt stock is depleted and we have replaced this item with an even better product, more information on: SuperFelt - felt revivor

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VS Profelt treatment for worn and loose key bushings, is the new lubricant cure that technicians all over the country have been talking about. Applying a couple of drops to each side and using a caul overnight will swell the felts to some extent.
Originally intended for key bushings, we have now discovered success in many other applications. It is perfect for easing damper guide rail bushings by soaking and inserting a #7 bridge pin overnight. Technicians have been reporting in with success in other applications including damper felt fitting (using the string as the caul), trapwork and pedal guide bushings, sostenuto and damper pitman bushings, action centers and hammers...
By any means, if the felts are completely worn, they need changing. This product can be very useful on brand new pianos with loose bushings, if the piano is on its last leg but the customer want to get another year out of it, to buy some extra time if the customer is saving money towards a proper reconditioning, etc.

8 oz. Bottle.

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